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Company History

After dreaming of having my own company my whole life, I finally decided to take the plunge and leave my desk job in the spring of 2011 to develop a brand that speaks to the Great Lakes lifestyle.

Frustrated with the fact that my friends and I usually are wearing brands with logos of whales and polo players that are not representative of their Midwest roots or lifestyles in the slightest, I decided to create a clothing line that captures and celebrates the Great Lakes lifestyle while being functional. 

The goal of Chicago Belt Co. is to produce high quality American made products that can be part your everyday lifestyle. I want others to be able display their Midwest pride as well with unique belts that represent the way they live. I believe that to successfully do this, Chicago Belt Co. must be interactive with our customer’s getting feedback and input whether it is through belt design contests on Twitter or getting together for a happy hour.

Chicago Belt Co. launched last summer, this is the beginning of its story. Check out what’s now on tap on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and our blog – The Loop – for more about my inspiration, company events, and updates!  


P.S. - I am always down for a beer if you're in the area.